Use MeetWays to find the halfway point between two locations. Enter two addresses, a point of interest, and MeetWays will find the perfect meeting place. MeetWays is free and works in over 35 countries. Save time and money by meeting in the middle.

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Welcome to MeetWays! MeetWays was established to help people easily find a halfway point between two locations. If you're thinking about meeting-up with a far away friend, organizing a Craigslist transaction, or meeting a client for lunch, MeetWays can help you find the perfect middle point. Simply enter the addresses and a point of interest and MeetWays will do the rest!

Go ahead. It's free. Give it a try!  -  Meet in the middle.

Meet me in the middle! Save time, gas, and money!

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Meet your party halfway between! Trying to find a meeting place between friends? Enter your addresses and the type of place you want to meet and MeetWays will do the rest.