Use MeetWays to find the halfway point between two locations. Enter two addresses, a point of interest, and MeetWays will find the perfect meeting place. MeetWays is free and works in over 35 countries. Save time and money by meeting in the middle.

Take advantage of our service on the go! You can access from your phone

MeetWays Mobile

Need some help with on the go? Never miss out on finding the perfect halfway meeting point with MeetWays Mobile. MeetWays Mobile can be accessed from any JavaScript enabled smart phone by simply typing into your mobile web browser. Try MeetWays Mobile on your iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Droid, and more. Never worry about wasting time and money trying to meet up on the go again.

MeetWays Mobile works in over 35 countries.


Out and about, need to meet a friend or client on the go? is now fully compatible with your smart phone. Simply visit on your mobile browser, enter your locations and a point of interest, and you are ready to meet halfway on a moment's notice.

Requirements: Any Smartphone with JavaScript capabilities can use MeetWays Mobile.

Take advantage of MeetWays on the go! - Available on most smartphones.