Use MeetWays to find the halfway point between two locations. Enter two addresses, a point of interest, and MeetWays will find the perfect meeting place. MeetWays is free and works in over 35 countries. Save time and money by meeting in the middle.

Meet your party halfway between! Simply enter two locations and a point of interest and we'll do the rest. was created to allow users to find a point of interest between two addresses. Let's say you need to meet a friend or client for lunch on the other side of town. allows you to enter two locations and the type of restaurant you are looking for. MeetWays gives you the exact halfway point and a list of restaurants in that area. Save hours trying to figure out the halfway point on a map and instead find it in one simple click!

Meetways works in 35 countries around the globe and allows its users to specify the type of trip and type of mid point they would like to find.

Meet in the middle!

Are you in the mood for a scenic drive ending with a great brunch with friends? Choose to avoid highways. Enter brunch as your point of interest. Read the reviews of the restaurants in your meeting spot. Send the map to your friends! In under a minute your plans can be made, invitations sent, and now all you have to do show up and enjoy brunch!

Do you want to stop for pizza and a beer on your way home from work? Enter your work address, home address, and pizza. You will have great options in moments!

Use MeetWays to save time, money, and gas!

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